New for the 2021 Season: PackerPlays

Every Passing Play. All in One Place.

What We Do:

01 / Diagrams

We map out every passing play from the Green Bay Packers Offense and display it on a clean, compact play diagram.


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02 / Playbook

As the season goes on, we add every play to our overall playbook, which can be arranged by play type, formation and passing concept.


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03 / Stats

We use the information in the play diagrams to tally uniquely advanced stats that you won't find anywhere else on the Internet. 

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Who Are We?


My name is Daire Carragher and I am the creator and owner of PackerPlays. I am a lifelong Green Bay Packers fan with a passion for X's and O's as well as football statistics. 


We designed this website to allow fans to view football info that is not readily available to fans. Information such as this is usually reserved for team personnel only.


Using the NFL's Coaches Film, we draw each individual Green Bay Packers passing play and then we identify the different routes and concepts the offense is running.